We met at the intersection of art, technology and storytelling.

We now put our souls together, sharing our dedication to details,

building up mystical experiences and meaningful images,

materialising ideas in physical and virtual spaces.

Matthieu Schmit is a creative producer and storyteller. With a background in scriptwriting and directing, he combines his creative work with his passion for travel, adventures and human challenges. He learned image post-production and visual effects for his own projects, leading him to collaborate with some of the greatest artists and directors of our time; Wim Wenders, Tadao Ando, Sebastião Salgado, Bruno Dumond... and on various international productions. Today he uses these experiences to materialize ideas into visual concepts and sensory experiences, always with an approach to technology as a means for storytelling.

Chloé Guerbois is an artistic director and media artist. After graduating from the Gobelins in Paris, she begins working with scenographers, driven by the exploration between light, spatial environments, and kinetic games. In 2012, she co-opens Studio Twins, a multi-disciplinary studio in Berlin. Chloé's fascination with the reality of the world and sensory stimulation fuels the development of new projects at GhostRaum. She now has an avenue for expressing her sculptural approach to visual technologies, through projection mapping, set design, installations and visual concepts.

Alex Forge is a film director, and a creator of images and imaginary worlds. Starting at a young age, he brought together talented artists and technicians for a variety of audiovisual projects. The dual identity of the individual, dreams and myth are recurring themes in his work. Parallel, alternate, overlapping realities, embedded infinitely within one another... what do we see when we look in the mirror and what peers back at us?
Alex's leadership experience and talent in designing powerful and evocative images bring him now, with GhostRaum, to envision the most ambitious visual creations.