We meet at the intersection of art, technology, and performance.

Here and now we create and explore together,

Sharing attention to detail,

Cultivating visions, journeys, and metaphysical experiences,

Offering our full presence, passion, and intuition.

Matthieu Schmit is a passionate explorer of visual languages, technologies, and new forms of storytelling. With a background in directing and film production, he leads the program for Visual Effects and Technological Arts at Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology in Berlin. Deeply committed to collective growth, Matthieu combines his creative work with his passion for travel and human adventures. By founding GhostRaum he wished to create a space for cross-disciplinary research and artistic freedom. Around this open-ended adventure, he enjoys creating sparkles, bringing beautiful souls together, and fuelling the dynamic of creation.

Nina Behrendt is a berlin-based performance artist and director with a passion for devising and physical theatre. With a background in the arts and humanities and a second Master’s degree in theatre pedagogy, she understands creative production to be interdisciplinary, intuitive and always in process. She has staged at Deutsches Theater and HAU Hebbel am Ufer and has performed internationally as part of the Chilean-German performance collective Pink Valley. In her artistic work, she explores perspectives on identity and the crossing of borders and raises questions about space, place and the in-between.

Paulina Greta is a Berlin-based artist and creative director who explores the relationship between technology, art, design, and media communication, both from theory and practice. She focuses on storytelling evolution within transmedia, interactive, and immersive environments. Her practice spans installation, performance, film direction, augmented and virtual reality. Through her work, she analyses visual culture changes over time. Her works have been featured at international venues and multimedia festivals such as Atonal Berlin, Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome), Milan Design and Fashion Weeks, festivals in Chile, Netherlands, Russia.

Marlee Weinberg, also known as mbody+tech is an explorer of the corporeal, a surveyor of the cerebral, and a pupil to the natural world.  Her practice zooms in to the cellular level and zooms out to the universal as a way to make sense of the reality we live in. mbody has a foundation in dance, somatics, performance and over the last several years she has integrated new technologies and digital design into her work. With the use of imagination, technology, lessons from nature, and keeping the senses in tune, mbody+tech creates interactive experiences and performances. Her intention is to build new realities, informed experiences, as well as offer healing practices with the hopes to evolve the future to be a better place for us all.  

Nadia Petković is a berlin-based artist and architect whose work expresses a return to nature, often referencing alternate realities, like dreams or utopias. She uses the mediums of illustration, painting and digital drawing as a way to connect elements of nature with the human condition, amplifying natural scenery, composing surreal imagined worlds and employing symbols, to observe a universal symbiosis. Her work responds to human dissociation from nature, in which the dominant worldview has forgotten our interdependence. She uses art as a way to communicate and navigate the tensions between what we see as divided or separated: nature and us, mind and body, interior and exterior, the individual and the collective.

Alex Forge is a film director, and a creator of images and imaginary worlds. Starting at a young age, he brought together talented artists and technicians for a variety of audiovisual projects. The dual identity of the individual, dreams and myth are recurring themes in his work. Parallel, alternate, overlapping realities, embedded infinitely within one another... what do we see when we look in the mirror and what peers back at us? With GhostRaum, Alex's experience in designing powerful and evocative images brings him to envision the most ambitious visual creations. 

Involvement in arts & culture has spanned Astrid Rostaing´s entire professional life. While carrying projects forward in a number of different domains, she enjoys giving structure to all kinds of beautifully chaotic & ambivalent realities, served by her curiosity for diverse forms of creativity. Since completing masters degrees in English Arts & Literature, Communication Sciences, and Cultural Politics & Management in Paris, she has accompanied visual artists, theatre directors, choreographers, performers, and designers in the construction of their ideas. She has also offered expertise in public relations, and in shaping the completed vision through various media.